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ISAAC Instruments Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Continued Growth
Chambly, April 11, 2019 – The company that coined the term “vehicle telemetry” in the mid-2000s is still growing strong as it celebrates 20 years in business. Over 50% of the Quebec market relies on ISAAC’s Internet of TrucksTM technology, which was launched just 5 years ago and is specially designed for the transportation industry. ISAAC owes its success to the turnkey solutions it develops for drivers and optimizes for operations
"The trucking industry is currently facing a major driver shortage. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to drive transportation fleet performance. In automating driver workflows, we are developing solutions in direct response to current issues. We are aware of their impact on the market, so we focus on the needs of both carriers and drivers,” said Jacques DeLarochellière, President of ISAAC Instruments.
With over one hundred employees, ISAAC values fulfillment in the workplace just as much as business growth, and it is always looking for new talents to join the team. The company intends to fill over fifty engineering and software development positions in the short term. Its new headquarters, currently under construction in the Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville industrial ecopark, will provide an environment that fosters innovation, creative exchange, and the well-being of its employees.
About ISAAC Instruments
ISAAC Instruments designs and manufactures technological solutions that enable truck fleets to improve performance, productivity, compliance and safety. Its automated telemetry solution transforms complex data into meaningful indicators. With the continuous monitoring of both driver and truck performance, transportation companies can make informed decisions. ISAAC’s integrated mobile communication technology provides real-time connectivity between drivers and company personnel, to optimize operations and maximize profits.

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