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ISAAC Instruments and Axon Software systems now integrate
Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, July 23, 2020 ISAAC’s and Axon’s systems now integrate to help carriers streamline operations. With this new integration, geographical positions of vehicles, odometer readings and engine hours captured and tracked by ISAAC InControl are seamlessly transferred to Axon’s system. Dispatchers and fleet managers can view and use the information in real time in the truck dispatching software, and benefit from facilitated dispatching and truck maintenance.
Lethbridge Truck Terminal is ISAAC’s first client to experience the integration benefits. Aaron Schaaf, Director of Operations at Lethbridge Truck Terminals is finding that administrative overhead for scheduling maintenance is reduced. “With the truck mileages now automatically transferred in our Axon software, we get an email when a truck’s mileage is approaching the threshold for maintenance. We can plan proactively with minimal effort, with our staff saving several hours a week.” he says. “We also now get an immediate view of our trucks arrivals and departures from our client sites, directly in our dispatch system. It’s all there on one screen and we don’t have individually track each truck to update our clients on the status of things when we need to. This means more hours saved. Having the arrival and departure times automatically logged also helps with the billing of detention times.”
ISAAC President Jacques DeLarochelliere looks forward to better serving carriers using Axon Software’s system. “This first-phase integration with Axon’s system is just a beginning. When it comes to system integration, ISAAC aims to maximize the integration potential between systems in order to streamline operations to a maximum. This has been our mission with all TMS’s we integrate with, and we plan to follow suit with Axon.” says DeLarochelliere.

About Axon Software
Founded in 1982, Axon Development Corporation was one of the first providers of software designed specifically for the transportation industry. Since then, Axon Software has established itself as a trusted and leading transportation management system serving thousands of users in the most unique and complex trucking industries across North America. Today, they are proud to be the premier provider of real-time trucking software to freight carriers, brokers, oilfield trucking, dump/aggregate haulers, intermodal and specialized trucking industries, as well as serving a network of over 10,000 software developers worldwide using products created by Axon Software.

About ISAAC Instruments
ISAAC’s mission is to connect people and information by providing innovative turnkey solutions to drive truck fleet performance. Its automated telemetry solution transforms complex data into meaningful indicators. With the continuous monitoring of both driver and truck performance, transportation companies can make informed decisions. ISAAC’s integrated mobile communication technology provides real-time connectivity between drivers and company personnel, to optimize operations and maximize profits.
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